Rebuilding this site from scratch cuuuuz it broke! Also updating!

The story isn’t going to move forward for a while. I always intended this project as a means of practice for me, to work on general comic-making. I used it at first to just improve my skill, but now I want to go over it with a more careful eye towards pacing and plot construction and all the more technical aspects of putting a comic in this format together.

Also! I redid some character designs. Just thinking about them and doodling them and like examining the hasty choices I made at the beginning kinda warped them naturally. So anyone who notices something *happened* with this just hang around with me if you’d like. Feel free to always give me feedback and what you think of how things are going. I actually take criticism too. So. Yeah.

Hopefully good changes! So yeah some pages will barely change and some pages will be unrecognizeable.